Guideliness For Shopping Suits

Buying your first suit is a time where you come of age and distinguish yourself as a man. Every man should own at least one suit since it will be the cornerstone of your formal wear. Since suits are rarely cheap, it’s important that you do the groundwork so that you end up with one that you like and most importantly, fits you well. Fortunately, you won’t have to do too much painstaking research.


Since this suit will be the first addition to your wardrobe, it’s essential that you choose a fabric type and cut that you can wear for a long time. Let’s start with the color: it’s best to stick with a classic navy or charcoal here as these are the most versatile. Grey is in at the moment too and looks fantastic in a number of shades and color tones.


When it comes to the fabric of your first suit, keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with a 100% wool suit – it’ll look extremely stylish and is very comfortable. However, if you’re frequently on the move, this may not be the best choice since they are more prone to wrinkles. Since this is your first suit, stay clear of tweed: this is usually worn by older gentlemen and we’re going to assume you’re not quite there yet.


Perhaps more important than the color and fabric is the fit. It’s essential that you get a correct fit that complements your body shape. Too tight and you run the risk of rips – too big and the suit will look borrowed. We’ll break it down for you step by step, starting with the jacket.


It is advisable to adhere to dark solid colors such as gray, charcoal, black or navy blue for your very first suit. If you’re looking for versatility, we recommend subtle patterns such as pinstripes and herringbone which won’t look out of place in either the boardroom or on a date. Consider the setting in which you will wear the suit and this will go a long way to helping you choose the right pattern.

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