Historical Places in karnataka


Mysore palace was once the residence of the erstwhile rulers of mysore, and one of the largest in the country. Built during 1911-12, it was the seat of the Maharaja s of Mysore which dominated the city s skyline. It s an edifice beautified by ornate domes, archways, turrets, colonnades and sculptures. The palace has a magnificent Durbar Hall with a 200 kg gold throne inlaid with precious stones. It is an extravaganza of stained glass ceiling, mirrors reflecting images from all sides, mosaic floors and wooden doors with beautiful carvings.


Chitradurga Kote is a fort that is one of a kind, as it is built on top of hill with stones. Also called as “Chitaldoorg” by the British, the Chitradurga Fort stands strong overlooking a flat valley in the Chitradurga District of Karnataka, India. Chitradurga Fort is renowned for its Kallina Kote / Ukinna kote / Yelu Suttina kote which were built in parts by the Palegar Veer Madakari Nayaka. This massive fort, regarded a marvel of military architecture, stood guard against marauding enemies.

Gomateshwara Bahubali Statue

The most famous attraction in Venur is the monolith of Bhagawan Bahubali or Lord Gomateshwara. There are 4 Gomateshwara in Karnataka with the one at Shravanabelagola being the biggest. The one in Venur is 38 feet high and was put up by the Thimmanna Ajila, the Jain ruler in 1604. Presumably Amarashilpi Jakanachari sculpted the idol. This statue is the shortest of all the three Gomateshwara within the radius of 250 km around it. It also stands in an enclosure, on the same pattern as that of Shravanabelagola.

Bangalore Palace 

The beautiful Bangalore Palace is located in the city of Bangalore. The palace stands in the heart of the city, situated near Vasanthnagar. It took more than a million rupees to construct this masterpiece; however the present value of it is invaluable. In the earlier days, the palace had larger premises with vast landscapes which are presently much condensed. This age old palace is a robust structure made of fortified towers and rocky walls. The interiors are adorned with fine wooden carvings built in Tudor style of architecture and windows in Gothic style.

Gol Gumbaz 

It is Located on the eastern end Bijapur city, the Gol Gumbaz was built by the 7th ruler of the Adil Shahi dynasty- Mohammed Adil Shah. It took 20 years to complete this magnificent monument which happens to be the heart of the city. The central dome is the second largest in the world (the largest being the dome of St Peter s Basilica in Rome) which stands unsupported by pillars measuring at 38 meters in diameter and covering an area of 1700 sq m with 51 meters in height.

Manjarabad Fort 

Built by the king of Mysore- Tipu Sultan, the Manjarabad Fort is situated about 6.4 kms from sakaleshpur town , at the height of about 3,240 ft. above the sea level.  The fort is constructed of stones and mud accompanied with chambers all around. Tipu Sultan during an inspection of this work is said to have observed fog (in Kannada Manju) round about this place and called this fort as Manjarabad. The beautiful land scrape here attracts a large number of tourists.

Bellary Fort 

Bellary Fort is the prime attraction of bellary. Bellary Fort was built by Hanumappa Nayaka during the Vijayanagar era on top of the ballari guddi or the Fort Hill. Hyder Ali, who invaded the region took possession of the Fort from the Nayaka family in 1769, got the fort renovated and modified with the help of a French Engineer. The fort is divided as the Upper Fort and the Lower Fort. The Upper fort is a polygonal walled building on the summit, with only one approach, and has no accommodation for a garrison. There is only one way up to the fort, which is a winding rocky path amongst the boulders.

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